Give Gratitude and Be Grateful

Gratitude - the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Improve Your Health Time ran an awesome article on gratitude - "7 Surprising Health Benefits of Gratitude": More patience - being more patient will help you make...

Don’t Be Negative, Know Your Triggers

It’s important to identify what makes you sink into a shame spiral. One of the most popular methods of squashing negative thinking is called cognitive behavioral therapy, which is based on the idea that thoughts influence feelings, which then influence behavior. 

Kill the Negative Self Talk

Kill the Negative Self Talk   Negative self-talk is a progress killer and most of us experience from time to time in many forms.  Like negative people sucking the life and spirit away from you, negative thoughts will ultimately do the same.  Continue this process long...
About me:

About me:

J Malo

Join me as I set out to discover a new passion and intensity towards excellence, freedom, and LIFE. I don’t want to lay on my deathbed, reflecting the life I had, and regret not taking chances or wishing I would have when I could. I also want to be an inspiration for my children. I want them to not fear but embrace failure, to know that failure is a step towards success. I want my boys to grow up to be excellent fathers and respectful husbands and live their lives successfully at their accord. I wish my daughter the same, but with the realization of the fierceness and bold determination that is unique with all women. To never be held back by unfounded truths, to never listen to society, and to breakthrough all doubts and shadows casted by an untrained mind.

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