Loading the Rocket Ship…

I didn’t always hold this passion. It wasn’t like I always held the desire to be and do more than I could imagine. However, once your formative and college days are behind you life begins to hit from many different angles. You get bogged down and soon you lose sight of what made you YOU as you struggle day to day just to make the ends meet.

Before I knew it, I was married with four kids. I had a mortgage, a beautiful family, and a successful career. What more could a guy ask for? I was missing PASSION. No no, not my love life kind of passion, but passion for life. Passion to make every single day count and not just look forward to the weekends.

This journey of reclamation begins with taking a challenge bigger than me. That first challenge was Tough Mudder (TM) (visit Tough Mudder). To me, TM was a challenge that allowed me to rediscover what I was made of. It had been six years since I completed my first half-marathon (I’m not a runner by nature) and I wanted to find something that stirred up my spirit.

There was one other element that fueled my rocket ship…Warrior aka Ultimate Warrior. Yes the same one back in the 80’s with bulging muscles, intensity for life, and cutting promos that needed a decipher code to figure out what was being said. I loved the wrestler…but soon found out that he was back in the spotlight, not in the ring of course. I rediscovered Warrior when his first YouTube videos were published and I was hooked (if you haven’t done so already, visit Dr. Warriors Injections of Inspiration to begin your own journey). His words resonated within my spirit and made me question myself and my excuses with his introduction of “Mr. R.”. Unfortunately, Warrior is no longer with his, but his passion and intensity remains.

These key elements were the perfect combination to propel me to a new level. I had the goal to be more than what I was along with the fuel to squander my excuses and push myself towards meeting those goals.

I met that TM challenge, with a delicious cup of Dos Equis at the end) and did it through myself, through my own merit and determination, through my own sweat, aches, and pains. I earned it and it made it that much sweeter. But that was the whole point from the beginning…to reconnect who I am, who I wanted to be, and succeed or fail on my own.

What are you striving for? What limit pushing goal are you working towards? Leave a comment at the bottom to begin the discussion.

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