Always Believe

There will come a point in life where we’ll find ourselves face-to-face with a crossroad. The choices are to either travel right, left, or just maintain the current course. More than likely if we stay the course, our lives will remain comfortably uncomfortable. That’s often where I find myself these days.

I’m coming to the critical 20yr juncture in my career. I have accomplished much and have enjoyed a nice career. I could continue this course for 10-15 more years. But there’s something inside of me that is demanding to seek out. It could be my soul being sucked out. I truly believe there is something more out there for me. What is it? I’m not exactly sure.

Conscious Power from “An Iron Will” by Orison Swett Marden

“Conscious power,” says Melles, “exists within the mind of every one. Sometimes its existence is unrealized, but it is there. It is there to be developed and brought forth, like the culture of that obstinate but beautiful flower, the orchid. To allow it to remain dormant is to place one’s self in obscurity, to trample on one’s ambition, to smother one’s faculties. To develop it is to individualize all that is best within you, and give it to the world. It is by an absolute knowledge of yourself, the proper estimate of your own value.”
“There is hardly a reader,” says an experienced educator, “who will not be able to recall the early life of at least one young man who childhood was spent in poverty, and who, in boyhood, expressed a firm desire to secure a higher education. If, a little later, that desire became a declared resolve, soon the avenues opened to that end. That desire and resolve created an atmosphere which attracted the forces necessary to the attainment of the purpose. Many of these young men will tell us that, as long as they were hoping and striving and longing, mountains of difficulty rose before them; but that when they fashioned their hopes into fixed purposes aid came unsought to help them on the way.”

Decision Point

So again my choices are left, right, and straight. I know the straight path is safe and comfortably uncomfortable. It’ll provide security, predictability, and in all likelihood 10-15 additional years. But if I take the advice of Marden, “as long as they were hoping and striving and longing, mountains of difficulty rose before them; but that when they fashioned their hopes into fixed purposes aid came unsought to help them on the way,” then I should be encouraged to set my sights on a loftier “Life: Chapter 2” goal and expect aid to come my way when I need it most. Right?

Making It Count

In order to make sure that I am moving in the right direction, I need clear cut guidance. I need to set goals. But not only set goals, but WRITE THEM DOWN. There is immense power in the written goal. So much so that a study conducted by Harvard’s MBA Program found that the students that wrote goals out, earned 10x MORE than those who didn’t.
The written goal needs to be SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Sensitive). Dave Ramsey teaches on SMART goals. Instead of saying “I will pay off my debt”, start saying “I will pay off my $10,000 debt by December 23rd, 2018.”
By setting SMART goals, I can keep myself accountable and ensure I’m still on track to achievement.

Always Believe

“Always Believe” was never in my vocabulary until I heard Warrior speak life into it. Always Believe means “to believe in the power of yourself and the destiny inside you that you came here to fulfill.” If you haven’t seen this video, you need to check it out by following the link.
Am I fulfilling my life’s purpose everyday by Warrior’s definition of Always Believe? I wasn’t in my earlier life, I know that for sure. Spending hours playing video games at a time, day after day. Watching TV, lying around, doing not what I needed to do, but what I wanted to do. So what do I have to show for it today? Nothing. What could I now accomplish if I could swap those hours wasted on trivial matters out? Well I can’t. Time is finite and it’s constantly ticking. You can’t go back to buy or swap out time.
I challenge my self everyday to remember what “Always Believe” means. I challenge that definition against my personal life, professional life, and family life. Am I truly fulfilling/pursuing the destiny inside me that I came to fulfill? I like to think so, at least the still small voice inside me is persuading me there. What I do know is this: If I do nothing at all, I’ll be no further along a year, five, or ten years down the road than I am today. That is something that I am NOT willing to accept. I WILL NOT lie on my deathbed counting not the victories, but only the grand thoughts of actions I only wished I took…
Until next time,
Always Believe

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