3 Tactics to Re-Motivate the Unmotivated

How many times do you resolve to make something happen when you lay your head on your pillow at night? “Tomorrow will be different” you say as you drift off to sleep only to wake up the next day and decide that today can wait…again. You are not alone. Even though that thinking trap is common, it’s the difference between the haves and have nots, the dreamers and achievers, the amateurs and professionals. Below are three tactics you can use to regain your inner power!


An excellent book to read is Simon Sinek’s “Find Your Why”. This book will helped me define my “why” and the things I did. Lifehack has a great blog covering this topic and it’s worth the read. You’ll notice in the article Mr. Dewe talks about writing things you love doing down. Again as covered in the previous post “Always Believe” it all goes back to bringing life to your thoughts and ideas by writing them down on paper.


Jocko Willink has a couple of videos on lacking motivation and procrastination. Doesn’t feel like working out? He does it anyways. Doesn’t want to hammer on the project? He hammers on the project anyways. Do It Anyway YouTube Link. Wants to take the day off of exercise? He’ll take tomorrow off…except that tomorrow never comes because when the next day arrives, he will take tomorrow off. Do It Tomorrow YouTube LinkWatch the attached videos and let the message sink in. Just some easy, first attack tactic on lack of motivation and procrastination. If you can beat the initial wave of those feelings, then you’re on your way of getting it done.


This happens to all of us. We wake up and the previous night’s motivation is gone. Where’d it go? I’ll tell you that motivation is fleeting. As Mel Robbins stated on Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory: “Motivation is Garbage.” What is that one all important thing that gets you fired up? Is it to be a role model for your kids? To beat out sickness and cancer? To lose weight and be a better you? Her message is so on point that it was a mind-blow for me. And while we’re on the subject of Mel Robbins, it is definitely worth your time to watch her go over the 5-second rule at 21:56 of the video.
What are your thoughts on the above tactics to re-motivate the motivated? What do you use to re-motivate yourself? Let’s start a conversation that everyone can use by leave a comment below!

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