Don’t Fail Yourself Today

“In front of you lies two doors both with thunderous knocks. Behind one door lies your destiny. Behind the other lies death.” – Warrior

What excuses are you using to hold yourself back? Today is the only day that you know you will have. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. And yet you sit there. Waiting for what? For the perfect opportunity? That day will never come for you because for one you’re sitting down slumping your shoulders and two you’re not making any progress towards your goals. Have you written your goals down? Listed them out accordingly, prioritized, and developed a plan? No? And yet you’ll still have the audacity to bitch, whine, and complain that your life sucks? That it isn’t worth living?
That’s complete BS and deep down inside you know it. You know exactly what you need to do. MOVE. You’ve heard that every journey begins with a single step. But if you can’t forage the intestinal fortitude then you can never expect to accomplish anything.
Tonight when you go to bed, you will have all the motivation in the world to make tomorrow the first step in a journey that will finally take you to realize your goals and dreams. But tomorrow you’re gonna wake up and the first thing that will slap you in the face will be doubt and fleeting aspirations as this day replicates the all the previous days that brought you to this exact moment.
Your life, where you are right now, is the sum of all your choices. YOUR choices.
So what are you going to do?
Here are 6 Motivators to get you moving…all YOU have to do is plant the seed. Put your headphones on and hit the play button. Watch it, listen to it, study it, play it in the background as you do other tasks. The thing is, and I guarantee this, something will be said that will resonate WITHIN YOU.
You can’t blame anyone about your situation but yourself. MOVE. Commit to change, commit to yourself. Don’t lay on your deathbed and REGRET you didn’t try.
Always Believe.

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