Quiet the Monkey

Monkey brain. You know, the thing that keeps you up all night? The one that wakes you up with a super awesome thought or keeps you from sleeping at all? That monkeys gotta go…and here’s how:

1. Journal – Sometimes the monkey just needs to be let out of it’s cage. With ideas and thoughts bouncing around in your head, take a couple of minutes write them all out in a journal or a notepad. You acknowledge them and quiet the noise when you write them down. Why would the monthly have to constantly rethink everything when you have the idea secured on a page?

2. Meditate – I’m not taking about sitting down, crossing your legs, and humming. A meditation app I use is Headspace. This is guided meditation that will assist you in placing the monkey back in his cage. When I use this app, 1x 10-minute session a day, it recenters my mind and allows me to refocus…and in some cases… sleep.

3. Exercise – For me exercising before bed is generally not a good idea… However exercise will assist in what meditation does for my mind. Put your body through a good workout, heart pace up, good sweat, muscles firmed, and tell me that that may be just one of the best feelings at completion. Besides, exercise also assists the mind from the dreaded brain fog (reduction in sugar also), improves memory, and may also decrease odds of stroke and diabetes.

Start with these three. It’ll take some time, there’s no easy button. Obviously you’ve formed a habit that wasn’t created over night. Be patient and consistent.

Until next time…

Always Believe

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