Here Today…Gone Tomorrow…

Lessons taught through death, may just be what you need to learn how to live.

Watching the firework displays Wednesday night gave me a deeper appreciation for the significance of life. Here me out:

Fireworks are here one moment and gone the next with not much to show from it, unless you blow your hand off. From which you’ll have a constant lifelong reminder of why that great idea wasn’t so great after all.

Life is like that as well. Here one moment and gone the next. How much time have I taken for granted? It seems that when I take time to pause and reflect, I’m horrifically reminded how much time has passed. What am I showing from this?

I read the book 20,000 Days and Counting by Robert D. Smith and came away with new appreciation. It helped me to put things in perspective such as the best preparation for living well is to be prepared to die at any time, motivation is a myth, and provided quotes from “successful” people and the exact number of days they lived. It is a short, fascinating read in 107 pages and I recommend you take the time to dive into this one. (It also gave me a new book to read: The Greatest Salesman in the World by a man named Og Mandino.)

Yeah it might depress you once you realize that your life will come and go like the firework you viewed this week. But if you change your perspective, you will realize that everyday it’s a gift. If you treat that day and strive to improve yourself and march towards your goals and aspirations, you’ll gain more traction and accomplish more.

Learning how to die will help you to learn how to live. Listen to Tim Ferriss’ podcast episode: “The Man Who Studied 1000 Deaths To Learn How To Live” is an excellent conversation.

Ferriss interviews BJ Miller, a care physician at Zen Hospice Care and a triple amputee from a college accident. Miller shares what he’s experienced during the dying transitions of his patients and the lessons he’s pulled from those events.

BJ Miller also has a Ted Talk where you can find out more about learning to live through death.

Take the time NOW (while you still have time), to refocus and shift your priorities in your life and then re-engage!

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