Book Review: The ONE Thing…and How It Will Help You Achieve More!

Image result for the one thingAt True North, I want to provide everyone with helpful tools that not only helped me get out of slumps and holes, but helped thousands, if not millions, of people as well.  This is where Gary Keller’s book “The ONE Thing” came into play…and here’s how:

In August I gave away the book titled, “The ONE Thing.”  Again, thank you to all who participated.  Don’t forget that you can also pick this book up as an e-book or audiobook.  It comes with helpful PDFs, I look forward to do this again with September’s book giveaway!


the one thing domino effect


What happens when you knock down the first domino?  Exactly, a sequence of events happens right behind it.  In terms of overcoming challenges, tasks or obstacles, if you were to take the a regular sized domino and it knocks over a bigger domino roughly 50% larger, by the 11th domino, you’re knocking over the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

This book introduced me to the “Domino Effect.”  Looking at your obstacles can be an intimidating and frustrating task.  However, if you were to dissect that task to sub elements, and break those sub elements down further, you’ll eventually find the first “domino.”  Not only have you found your first domino, but you also have found a roadmap of key tasks that must be accomplished in order to take you straight to the accomplishment of your goal.

The ONE Thing – Time Blocking

the one thing time blocking

This book introduced me to time blocking.  Time blocking helped me function better in an environment that is constantly putting out fires.  Every call seems to be an emergency and everything needs to be accomplished now.  After that “emergency” is accomplished, the next one comes in.  Sounds familiar?

With time blocking, I’m able to layout my daily planner in front of me and “block out” time specifically for my most important tasks at hand.  I further reinforce this time by shutting my office/cell phone ringer off, my email dinger, and close my door.  The results have been nothing but extraordinary!

Throw Away Your To-Do-Lists!

the one thing notebook

Perhaps the biggest key takeaway I have with this book is with it’s tasking methodology.  For years I would create lists and try to knock them out.  And, like many of us, I would realize that maybe I didn’t get all of them knocked out or maybe I just got the easy but unimportant ones done first.  Only to carry the large tasks over to the next day.

This book showed me how to take a large task and break it down to the point to where I could ask myself, “What’s the one thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

It sounds so simple, cause it is.  Once you have the one thing identified, you write it down.  You could even make a list of “one things” and rank them, only to work solely on the #1 task until it’s completed until #2 is even touched.  This practice has paid huge dividends in both my personal and professional lives.


One of my all-time favs!  I’ve read many self-help books and listened to podcasts to assist my personal and professional growth, but no book has really had an impact on me like this one did.  Not only is it an easy read, but it’s full of pictures, charts, and graphs to drive the point home for visual learners like myself.

Again, at no extra cost to you, I’ve provided my affiliate link to Amazon: The ONE Thing here!  If you have any interest in this book, and I hate saying it like this but you OWE it to yourself to buy this book.  If you have any questions on this book, I’m always an email or Facebook message away if you need me!

Always Believe,

J Malo  – TrueNorth: MBS


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