Never Split the Difference to Negotiate Like A Beast!

chris voss never split the difference

Book Review
Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss

chris voss never split the difference

If you haven’t read the book “Never Split the Difference,”  make sure to get out there and do so now Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss.  I found this sweet book breakdown below by Rodney Gainous Jr on

Chris Voss (founder of Black Swan) shares in Never Split The Difference to highlight the best tactics to negotiate in high-stake situations.  The good news?  These tactics can be used in every aspect of your life. While serving as an FBI Hostage Negotiator for twenty years, he’s learned the fundamental principles of any negotiation. Continue reading “Never Split the Difference to Negotiate Like A Beast!”

The Best Online Workout is AthleanX


the best online workout today is athlean x

The Best Online Workout is AthleanX.

I love love love AthleanX. This program helped me separate myths from facts and provided an overall foundation for fitness success. I recommend everyone on TrueNorth:MBS to subscribe to the YouTube channel and purchase a lifetime subscription. It is super easy to become distracted, lost, and frustrated with all of the noise on the Internet today. If you’re like me, you’re just looking for answers after years of frustration and reading contradictory articles and reports.

Continue reading “The Best Online Workout is AthleanX”