Don’t Be Negative, Know Your Triggers

It’s important to identify what makes you sink into a shame spiral. 

negative thought patterns

1.  Unhelpful Thought Patterns

This is my daily battle.  It is very easy for the negative thought patterns to creep into your psyche in knock you off course.  In Kill the Negative Self Talk, discovering unhelpful thought patterns empowered people to make desired behavioral changes.

Allot of times, I will start off on a powerful journey.  Really making strides towards challenging my undesirable behaviors.  But something along the way jumps up and gets me going down a different path and before I know it, I’m back to zero.  It’s really that simple…unfortunately.

By using the skills highlighted in My 66-Day Challenge To Form A New Habit, I was able to successfully change a few negative habits.  From things as simple as chewing my fingers to daily beasts such as having negative thought patterns on automatic.  While I’m not perfectly done with negative thought patterns hijacking my psyche, I’m a lot further along than I was a few weeks ago.

lasaye-hommes negative thought patterns hijacker

2.  Thought Hijacking

It took a long time to realize that what I was saying to myself was just not true.  Telling myself that I wasn’t able or worthy enough did not get me going.  For some people, the use of fear can be motivating.  In my case, that “motivation” leads to a downward spiral.

I can’t exactly pinpoint where these thoughts originate from, but that’s probably why bad habits are learned rather than inherent.  These thoughts pop in automatically, making it was difficult to have my defenses up and ready.  However, if I am able to journal out my days, I tend to keep this tendency up front and prepared for battle.  Having a prepared mind makes it easy.  It’s like you never realized how many red Corvette convertibles there were driving on the road…until you purchased your very own.  Then EVERYONE has a red Corvette convertible.  Welcome to the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon which is a completely new discussion at a later date.

tine-ivanic negative thought patterns downward spiral

3.  Don’t Ride the Downward Spiral

If you’ve ever been on a downward spiral, you know that you can quickly start from having a fantastic day to being on the verge of death, bankruptcy, and alone in a matter of minutes.  I have been able to combat this by stepping back and asking myself “what is the worst case scenario?”  In most cases, it won’t be that bad, nor will it be that good.  It’s more than likely somewhere in the middle.

Once I’ve recognized that the most likely scenario will be somewhere in the middle, I am able to cast the residual fear aside, regain my composure, and make a more rational decision.


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