Kill the Negative Self Talk

Kill the Negativity

Kill the Negative Self Talk


Negative self-talk is a progress killer and most of us experience from time to time in many forms.  Like negative people sucking the life and spirit away from you, negative thoughts will ultimately do the same.  Continue this process long enough and your brain will be hardwired, making this an automatic response.  Here are three tactics to help put a cease to the cycle and kill the negative self talk: Continue reading “Kill the Negative Self Talk”

Never Split the Difference to Negotiate Like A Beast!

chris voss never split the difference

Book Review
Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss

chris voss never split the difference

If you haven’t read the book “Never Split the Difference,”  make sure to get out there and do so now Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss.  I found this sweet book breakdown below by Rodney Gainous Jr on

Chris Voss (founder of Black Swan) shares in Never Split The Difference to highlight the best tactics to negotiate in high-stake situations.  The good news?  These tactics can be used in every aspect of your life. While serving as an FBI Hostage Negotiator for twenty years, he’s learned the fundamental principles of any negotiation. Continue reading “Never Split the Difference to Negotiate Like A Beast!”

Gary Vee Is The Bees Knees

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Gary Vee Is The Bees Knees!

gary vee vaynerchuk

Gary Vee (Gary Vaynerchuk) is awesome and is someone you should look into if you haven’t already.  I discovered him for myself while listening to Pat Flynn’s Podcast Smart Passive Income.  At first, I didn’t care for him.  I thought he was just another extremely macho, egotistical guy telling others how to live their life and why they should follow him.  Kinda like the guy who reads books in his garage next to his Ferarri.  But the more I listen to him, the more his words make sense.

“Crushing It” is the first book I’ve purchased from Gary Vee and is really good.  Just listening to the stories told by those who are actually crushing it makes this book an easy read…or listen as it’s an audiobook.  But then I discovered his podcast and his YouTube channel.  I have yet to really find anything he’s said that I’ve called bullshit on.  There are some things he says that is really a punch in the stomach, but I that’s actually a good thing because it’s true.

Joe Rogan Experience Episode #910

gary vee vanyerchuk joe rogan

And then Joe Rogan Experience Episode #910 happened.  Talking about how he got his father’s wine business up from $3M to $60M in three months.  How wine lovers are really just douchebags.  Just take a few moments and listen to this episode.  It’s really all over the place from various topic to topic but contains very interesting concepts ranging from wine to artificial intelligence to complainers.  Hugh Jackman on steroids?  It’s in here too.

Impact Theory

gary vee vaynerchuk impact theory tom bilyeu

Gary Vee has a ton of insight and remarkable foresight to construct plausible futuristic concepts together.  On the set of Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory, Gary Vee spoke about keeping things in perspective.  About how his friends working 9 to 5 are often happier than those making millions every year.  They get into Gary Vee being a contradiction.  He’s all over the radar but he’s actually being true to himself.  Listen to him go off on enjoying losses at the 26min mark.  Then when you think you’ve got your fill of this interview, check out his final answer of how he wants to impact the world (43:38).  Awesome.

The man obviously doesn’t need me to be a cheerleader for him.  He’s doing a great job for himself.  After all, he’s set to become the next owner of the New York Jets.  But if there’s anyone reading this post who’s not sure of who this guy is, you’d better check him out.  I think you’d be pleasantly surprised about how relative and applicable his message is to you.  The more I listen to him, especially after hearing his 43:38 answer on Impact Theory, the more I believe our desires are on a parallel plane.  Listen to him talk about how he treats his people and how he contrasts that with Steve Jobs and tell me that he’s not on the right path.

The Gary Vee Audio Experience Podcast

gary vee audio experience podcast

The reason why I’m really digging this guy is that he’s so NON-PC that it’s refreshing.  He tells it how it is.  Our society today is SO SOFT that everything that everything hurts.  Everyone is offended.  Everyone is mad.  He’s using the chip on people’s shoulders to motivate and inspire action.  This is really where I fall in.  I spent copious amounts of time listening and reading to content.  While it did work to provide the needed mindset, I failed to take action. 

If you’re in the same position I was, Gary Vee will push you towards action.  If you’re willing to look past being butt-hurt and willing to look past why you’re oppressed, then you’ve got a chance to make things happen.  But as always it’s up to you.

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